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Next to habitat destruction, invasive species are an important agent leading to loss of biodiversity. Models are useful for predicting what is happening and what could happen in a population of invasive species or species affected by them.

Zebra mussels are invasive freshwater mollusks that threaten many bodies of water they inhabit. In high numbers, they become a nuisance to other aquatic species and an indirect threat to humans. They can clog-up industrial water supplies, eliminate native species and alter aquatic food chains.

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What you'll learn in this topic

  • Which growth model best describes a zebra mussel population.
  • How to measure zebra mussel population size.
  • How to construct a population growth curve.
  • How to use a growth model to calculate r and predict N in the future.

Your task is to examine the population growth of zebra mussels in a lake.

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