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Connecting Concepts: Interactive Lessons in Biology was produced collaboratively at the University of Wisconsin-Madison by:

  • Transforming Teaching Through Technology (T4), Learning Solutions, Division of Information Technology
  • Instructors of Introductory Biology 151/152

These Lessons were designed to unify the learning experiences of students across multiple sections in Biology 151/152 at UW-Madison and to increase opportunities for student self-assessment, promote practice of interdisciplinary skills, and increase exposure to research examples and real data.

Assessment trials with over 900 students have demonstrated that these tools result in significant learning gains in key concept areas.

The Lessons have been implemented into the curriculum of Biology 151/152 and are currently being made available to other introductory biology courses in the UW-System and to upper level biology courses at UW-Madison to provide students with tools for review of prerequisite concepts.


Principal Investigator:
Robert Jeanne
Depts. Of Zoology and Entomology

Project Manager:
Jan Cheetham
Learning Solutions

Instructional Designers and Consultants:
Lee Clippard
Learning Solutions

Alan Wolf
Learning Technology and Distance Education & Center for Biology Education

Les Howles
Learning Solutions

Project Assistants:
Edna Francisco
Steven Grunder
Sainath Suryanarayanan
Ben Schulte
Olaf Olson

Michelle Glenetski
Learning Solutions

Bahman Zakeri
Learning Solutions

Cidney Frietag
Learning Solutions

Instructors and Instructional Support Staff, Biology 151-152:

Nancy Ruggeri
Jean Heitz
Carlos Peralta
Brian Manske
Catherine Reinitz
Doug Rouse
Carol Lee
Tony Stretton
Dave Abbott
Milo Wittbank
Steve Gammie

Bill Mellon
Ted Golos
Paul Weimer
Tony Bleecker
Eric Triplett
Bob Goodman
Linda Graham
Seth Blair
Donna Fernandez
Rich Viersta
Tom Martin

Tim Allen
John Kirsch
Evelyn Howell
Monica Turner
Stanley Dodson
Kathy Barton
Ken Sytsma
Paul Berry
Tom Sharkey
Edgar Spalding


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